Yeah, she's the kind of hen who likes to roam around.

She's never in one place. She roams from field to barn.

That’s right, we raise our hens “Free Range” style here at The Wandering Hen™, because that’s the way they like it.  

No cages inside their barn and lots of space both inside and outside to wander.  

In fact, Wandering Hen farms are independently inspected and verified to be in strict compliance with our standards.  

Vegetarian Hens
Free to
No antibiotics
or steroids

We think with their good diet and all that wandering around they do, our hens produce some of the best tasting eggs you'll ever eat.

The Wandering Hen

Our Product

We pride ourselves on producing the best free-range eggs.

Free Range Eggs Free Range Eggs

Great Tasting Recipes

Yum! Look at some of the great The Wandering Hen breakfasts, lunches and dinners our Free-Range Eggs can make!

Asked Questions

Some of our expert hen's are here to answer your questions about our delicious Free-Range Eggs.

Why are they brown?

100% Vegetarian
Fed Hens

The Wandering Hens eat a feed that contains no animal by-products, animal fat, or added steroids, hormones or antibiotics.

No Cages!
Free to roam hens

Discover more about our wandering hens and how their lifestyle and diet makes great tasting free-range brown eggs!