While we love our hens, it is our farmers that really make things happen here at The Wandering Hen™.

Our Free-Range Eggs come from several small family-owned and operated farms located across the United States.

These farmers have been carefully screened and put through a rigorous process to ensure that they meet our very high standards for quality and even more importantly, that they follow our very high standards for humane treatment of their flocks.

Put simply, our farmers care deeply about the health and well-being of their hens.


Not only do our hens have lots of room to wander around inside their barns, they also have plenty of room to roam outdoors. Our hens are lucky enough to have some of the most doting egg farmers around taking care of their every need.  This leaves their minds – and legs – free to wander and of course produce some of the best tasting eggs you’ll ever find.

Our farmers and their hens would love to hear what you think.  Drop us a note and let us know how we’re doing at!

Asked Questions

Some of our expert hen's are here to answer your questions about our delicious Free-Range Eggs.

Why are they brown?

100% Vegetarian
Fed Hens

The Wandering Hens eat a feed that contains no animal by-products, animal fat, or added steroids, hormones or antibiotics.

No Cages!
Free to roam hens

Discover more about our wandering hens and how their lifestyle and diet makes great tasting free-range brown eggs!