The Wandering Hen Eggs The Wandering Hen Eggs

Yeah, she’s the kind of hen who likes to roam around. She’s never in one place. She roams from field to barn.

That’s right, we raise our hens “Free-Range” style here at The Wandering Hen™, because that’s the way they like it; no cages inside their barn and lots of space both inside and outside to wander. In fact, Wandering Hen farms are inspected and verified to be in strict compliance with our spacious and humane standards.

Another thing our hens like is the fact that they are fed a 100% vegetarian diet that contains no animal by-products, antibiotics, hormones or steroids*. Our hens eat well so you can eat well.

We think with their good diet, all that wandering around they do and the care they receive, our hens produce some of the best tasting eggs you’ll ever eat.

Your Questions

What is the difference between Free-Range eggs, Cage Free eggs and generic eggs?

Generic eggs usually come from hens raised in cages of varying size and population density. Cage Free eggs come from hens raised in barns of varying size and population density. So the hens can move around and perch, but are not given access to the outdoors.

The Wandering Hen™ Free-Range eggs come from hens that have access to lots of room outdoors on a weather-permitting basis each day and live in a cage free environment that meets the highest standards when they are not outside. When the hens are outdoors they have at least 2 square feet per hen which is as much space as is recommended by a leading animal welfare organization.

Are they kosher?

Yes. Certified by the Orthodox Union.

Why are our eggs brown?

They come from brown hens. Yup, that's all there is to it.

Are your cartons recyclable and what are they made of?

Our one dozen cartons are made out of recycle paper material and is 100% recyclable with paper products. Out 18 count packages are made out of 100% recyclable PETE and is also 100% recyclable with #1 PETE in most communities. 

What do you mean by 100% vegetarian-fed hens?

The feed we give to our hens is a simple blend of corn, soy and a few other grains plus a touch of vegetable oil. We never use any animal fat or animal by-products to enhance the feed and we never add any steroids, hormones or antibiotics to it either. Just vegetables and grains…just the way our hens like it.

Asked Questions

Some of our expert hen's are here to answer your questions about our delicious Free-Range Eggs.

Why are they brown?

100% Vegetarian
Fed Hens

The Wandering Hens eat a feed that contains no animal by-products, animal fat, or added steroids, hormones or antibiotics.

No Cages!
Free to roam hens

Discover more about our wandering hens and how their lifestyle and diet makes great tasting free-range brown eggs!